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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  September 7, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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bob to get the job. yep. an electronics newsmaker to dance during a job interview. they made them cut a rug during the team building exercise which they initially thought was a joke. said one applicant, "i ended up
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dancing around the world by daft punk doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers another middle-aged guy looked upset he had to rap." and your robots sucked, you brit you. later apologizing saying dance routines are not part of their formal hiring practice. they ended up filling the position with this young go-getter. ♪ >> that's great. he's a good dancer. tucker, the most upsetting thing about this is the company apologized. why do everyone have to
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apologize, andy? >> the brits compulsively apologize but never mean it. i made a lot of bad hiring decisions in the past which never would have happened in the first place had i screened my employees by making them dance. >> did you do it -- when you were hiring people, did you do any of these silly things, like role playing? >> we have a lot of eccentric practices but i'm adding dance to it. modern mode modern interpra tif clothing. >> patti ann browne, do you think it was wrong for this company -- they were just thinking outside the box. >> that's what is confusing me. really, it's not totally accepted for people to be asked to dance? why was it when i was hired here
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at fox that you made me do? >> test pattern. test pattern. test pattern. >> these guys were salesmen, though. >> but electronics. under what scenario are you going to need to dance to sell a customer electronics. >> someone by the way they dance. you see if -- >> we've both seen tucker dance. >> and you learned things you didn't want to know. nice. thank you. >> andy, why not dancing? they ask all of these silly questions like where are you going to be in five years, and what could you put in a time caps sul. >> i'm fairly confident i could have walked out of their as the head of the company. these are team building. they are useless and put money in the pockets of consultants who somehow think that they are worthwhile and all they do is
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embarrass the crap out of the employees. that's the problem here. >> don't people need to think more creatively? so many companies have people who work in their cubicles and don't let it out. that's what they are looking for, people who want to get out of their shell. >> but team building exercise -- you've never had a job. >> but i've been -- >> has anyone ever had to do team building exercise? >> it's the dumbest -- it's the absolute dumbest things in the world. you sit there and act like you're really learning something about yourself and co-workers and everybody is going to be better. the fact is that every single employee sitting there rolling their eyes and they can't wait to go to lunch or smoke a cigarette. >> maybe they shouldn't roll their eyes. maybe they should get up there and boogie. >> that's even weirder. they are trying to see whether they will work together as a team? >> you're sending a really cool message to future employees.
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work here and -- that's not a bad message to get out there and send. >> bill, you have a side job for dancing for rich, older men. >> an old man named rich. it's just one. we need a fact checker. it pays like one. yeah, the apology thing, i can't stand that. if the guy wants people to dance, they should dance. queen slippery slope over here may say it could lead from dancing to taking their pants off. it's not going to get that bad. but if i were to hire you, what i would ask you is how you perceive yourself and you would say i think outside of the box and i would tell you to get the hell out. how dare you? how about inside the oval? that's what we're going to work towards now. >> the funny thing is, to get that job as a dancer, you had to
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write a paper. >> yes, that's true. >> okay. next topic. is it a wonder we're not six feet under? life expectancy has doubled in the last 150 years. we live to now almost 80. we used to get one life. now we get two. she adds, have you ever had some health problem that could have killed you if it you had been born in an earlier era like small pox that didn't kill you because it was erradicated by a global vaccine drive? why are you not dead yet? >> let's see if it's a fun conversation topic. why are you not dead? >> inertia. i'm from california where no one has ever died. that's the one thing you're not allowed to talk about. they went off to palm springs and you never saw them again.
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i moved to the other direction that no one eternalizes that life ends. it's a shock to people that they die. they can't even live with it. >> have you ever had an illness that had it come up 100 years ago you would have died? the flu used to kill people. andy? >> yeah. for me it's this whole thing about the fact that life expectancy has doubled is why i hate people that venerate nature. nature is diseases and nature is death. nature is drinking water that's been contaminated by feces, mosquitos that carry malaria. nature sucks. it is an awful thing. give me indoor plumbing, vaccines, i am fine. >> that's what i tell my kids. patti, i tell my children, mother earth is not your real mother and she's quite indifferent to you. >> wow. how about that. >> they respect mommy. patti ann browne, what do you
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think? >> i love this whole topic. they have a whole twitter for not dead yet and one of them is i almost died as a scratch cat fever. that's a real thing? >> ted knnugent. >> for me it was scarlett fever. i had a really severe case. i would have died. i know that penicillin saved my life. i would have been one of those people whose life was cut short. >> and many, many lives. >> bill, you're already living a double life. now in the modern era, does that mean you're living a life? >> penicillin has saved my sex life. i will say that. as for any disease i've ever had, i haven't had any as anyone who knows me will tell you, i am bruce willis.
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i've been run over twice and not had a broken bone. and that's true. having said that, is this a good thing? i identify with the character in kingpin who at one point drinks his own urine. when asked by woody hair rel son who says how is life? it's taking a long time. >> i saw that film. i didn't know it was urine. >> yes. he said is it bad to drink your own urine and he's like, yeah, it is. >> gandhi did it every single day. >> and look at him. he's a man baby. >> there is still plenty to talk about with our guests so don't you go anywhere. go to [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises?
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the ukrainedirector of -- the director of the ukraine claims that victor is the mastermind behind the topless stunts. she tells the independent newspaper, quote, it's his movement and he hand picked the girls. he hand-picked the prettiest girls because the prettiest girls sell more papers. the prettiest girls get on the front page. that became their image. that became the way they sold the brand. patti ann browne, what do you think about that? did you no he that something was off when you first saw this group? >> their tops? yeah. this guy is actually quoted as saying that these women are weak, submissive, and spineless and here they are, thoor receipt clee being empowered by this and there was a lot of true feminists out there that have done a lot of good for women but a lot of women are being
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manipulated. >> but if he agrees with their politics, why not? >> not when he's calling them weak and submissive. >> all men are feminists. it's the greatest thing that happened to men. women sleep with you at the drop of the hat and get married and they work and support you and then they are empowered. dudes thought up fem feminism. >> andy is right, though, no girl sleeps with you at the drop of the hat. the guy at the door is never getting laid. >> that's totally false. >> the guy with the hat? >> what about the viking horn hat? >> i'm talking about the little fadora. you're not justin timberlake. stop acting like it. >> even if we know and understand what he could do, that we could do this by ourselves we can't do it without
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his help. are they brainwashed or what? >> it definitely sounds absolutely culty. the question here now is if this is true and we all know this now, are they going to stop getting the coverage from the media that they were getting or accepted, obviously. >> yes. >> but without media coverage, this group is dead. >> yes. >> so i don't know. this whole thing may be gone now. >> bill -- >> which i find upset. >> bill, you've been trying to get one hot girl to take her top off for 38 years now and not in public. any progress? >> no. at actually strip clubs. but i like that they are russian and hot and that they do it in cold weather. does it matter if a guy is their puppet he master? no. it's probably for the best. because god knows that they can't run anything on their own. that's their whole point. p.s., stop voting, ladies. stop it. get to the kitchen.
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>> the whole feminist era, we did get all of the benefit from it. >> it's unbelievable. >> we get these two-year relationships, they move in with us, they act like we're married. >> by the way, i'm not entirely sure a group that features entirely topless women is run by a man. that sounds wrong to me. >> next thing you're going to tell me is that hooter's isn't about that cute little owl. >> because women in their natural state take off their shirts and have a pillow fight. >> that's what they do. >> do you have a comment? e-mail us at and go to fox and click on submit a video and we might use it. we've got one final story to discuss. stay right where you are.
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a barbed wire arm tattoo in order to look like her hero pamela anderson. carolyn, no last name for this self-proclaimed model spends 15 hours a week in her father's
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tanning shop and has twice suffered from exploding breast implants due to the heat of the sun lamps. the freakishly nice lady poses as pam at various personal appearances in and around liverpool and says carolyn "i couldn't live without a tan. it's part of who i am and i wouldn't leave the house without one -- no rhyme there. well i'm very horrified. okay, patti ann brown. doesn't it make you sad to see women going to so much time and spending so much money to get something that the good lord gave you au naturel? >> well, really that part is right. i'm not sure about the rest of it but, you know, it's ridiculous. she's quoted -- i'm reading again, she says any woman can have big breasts and blond hair. it's more than looks. she has charisma. that's what i love and want to
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emulate. multiple surgical proceed hours. >> only 28. >> emulate her personality. >> that's a great point. >> tucker, is this woman completely insane? should she be locked up? >> she already lives in liverpool so she's been punished already. >> i didn't know i was setting you up. >> how many liverpudlians can pull this off. >> she's 46. but does she have a personality to emulate? i don't know pamela -- >> her and i are bffs so -- >> did you ever consider becoming an ellen degeneres look-alike? >> really? that's all i get? [ laughter ] >> out of time. >> well, why don't you answer his question. >> i'm taking an offer. >> i was making fun.
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>> my guest tell me i look like the guy on "burn notice." >> michael. >> yeah, look at that. what do you think? >> yeah. >> doppelganger. >> that's aweaweful. >> should masochists have surgery to look like you so they'd be beaten several times a day? >> i thought andy's was less offensive. i can prove to you that you are wrong because as my doppelganger happens to be the one and only aaron moran, ie, joanie in "happy days." she's never been clocked. also billie jean king. >> who is your chachi? >> rick fullbaum and he left for miami.
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call me, joey still loves you. >> joanie still loves you. very special thanks to patti ann brown, bill schultz, tv's andy levy and tucker karlsson. that does it for me. look up my dates on jim's website. come see us across the country, hey, see you next time. om vidaln helps stop water from fading away the vibrant color you wish would stay. waterproof it! the vidal sassoon hair color collection has an exclusive hydrablock system that helps lock in our color for as long as salon color... up t48 washes! prove it to yourself. vidal sassoon waterproof color. salon genius. affordable for all.
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. that is it for fox reports. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee, the president making the case for military action in syria. >> the assad regime brazen use of chemical weapons is a threat to global peace and secretary. >> is the rebel opposition a less of a threat. >> they are car peppeders and black smith and dentist. >> is the president sure about that? do we know what we are getting to into syria. >> back in kindergarten. >> i am okay with it. our culture dictates that you can't start early enough. >> the governors take on america's culture crisis.


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